The Company


Keecie started out in 2007, founded by designer Klaartje de Hartog.

At first Keecie was housed in a small living room in Amsterdam from Klaartje de Hartog. She decided to develop it further into an internationally known Dutch Design brand.

With her background in product design and her passion for vintage design, Klaartje is still the driving force behind Keecie. Gifted with an eye for colour and details, she looks at objects from a practical as well as an esthetical viewpoint. Her designs therefore do not only look good, they are very functional and last for many years.

The Keecie collection is not a standard collection: each design surprises you with its unique shape and its original silk-screen print. All designs are available in a wide range of colours. Each Keecie product is carefully made by hand from Italian leather of the highest quality, which only gets more beautiful with age. We hope you will enjoy your Keecie product for many years to come.

How we work

Our collection is manufactured by a small sewing studio in Poland. Visiting them is always a pleasure and is accompanied by the most delicious tea. More importantly though, they are experts in producing hand-made leather designs, and have been our partner for many years. The studio also makes the print on the inside of each Keecie design using their manual silk-screen press, as this requires special attention. In fact, our entire manufacturing process consists of handicraft from beginning to end. We personally think this may actually be the secret to Keecie's success.


Do you want to see our whole collection? You can have a look at our online catalogue.  

Online catalogue