Keecie team


Klaartje de Hartog

designer & founder



* Needs a cup of coffee before starting her day 

* Is more of a night owl than a lark (hence the coffee)

* Looks away when TV gets scary

* Loves the feeling of freedom while biking through town

* Is actually more of a dog person, but loves her cat Mooz very much


Favourite item: Elephant Joke bag


Julie Scheurer

administration & customer service



* Prefers starting her day with sports

* Never leaves the house without make-up (except for when she does sports)

* Loves binge-watching TV shows and cooking

* Has trouble deciding between ‘stamppot’ (hearty Dutch mash) and French fries

* Best left alone in the morning (don’t ask her too many questions)


Favourite item: Humming Along bag


Annette van Ijken

customer service, marketing & sales



* Loves a soft-boiled egg at breakfast while reading the newspaper

* More of a cat than a dog person 

* More likely to get on her bike than go by car

* Could eat paprika chips every day

* Prefers swimming in a pool over swimming in the ocean


Favourite item: Cat Chase Medium Wallet