Wallet, Flash Forward

Wallet, Flash Forward
Special edition: Flash Forward. This leather wallet is designed for our 12,5 years birthday. It has the same design as the Cat Chase wallet, but contains a brand new print of one of our favourite plants: the Astrantia or Hattie's Pincushion, a plant with few leaves but with many flowers. If you look closely, you will see what looks like a single flower is actually a collection of many tiny flowers. Each umbel of tiny flowers is framed by a collar of floral bracts protecting it against too much crosswind.

The Flash Forward is available in five colours: Dusty Green, Faded Blue, Cognac, Yellow and Soft Pink.

• small front pouch for frequently used cards
• separate zip pouch for small change
• two small pouches for credit and business cards
• two larger pouches for paper money or receipts, or perhaps your iPhone
• closes with a push button

Size 17 x 10 cm
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